Campaign Bots

Take your campaign performance to the next level by engaging with your users in real-time through Conversational Ads, WhatsApp & precise audience targeting to drive the highest conversions.

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increase in cart recovery


spike in transactions

Say Hello to Campaign Ads That Can Talk to Your Users

Take your ad engagement through the roof by letting customers initiate direct conversations with your brand through the ad.

Give tailored information and answer all of their questions to nudge them further in their purchase journey

Learn More About Conversational Marketing

Drive Engagement at Every Stage

Send personalized offers and discounts, cart abandonment reminders and more to win your users’ attention and increase engagement

Automate 80% of frequently asked queries such as product details, price comparisons, delivery time expected & etc

Explore Proactive Messaging

Analyze & Improve Audience Targeting at Every Step

Create custom and lookalike audiences to create retargeting campaigns that further reduce drop-offs while improving conversion rates

The Triple Advantage of Campaign Bots

Contextual Conversations

Run A/B tests for your SMS marketing campaigns to make customers relate to your messages.

Improved Conversions

Truly understand your customers need and engage in conversations that feel natural and have a human touch.

Go Live in Two Weeks

Integrate with, Shopify, CRM, Livechat, Ticketing and various other tools that you already use in no time.