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Turn WhatsApp into your #1 revenue channel by leveraging Sol's GPT-first chatbots to connect with your customers, generate high-quality leads and foster customer loyalty.

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live WhatsApp solutions


increase in cart recovery


spike in transactions


lower resolution time

GPT-driven WhatsApp Commerce

Leverage our WhatsApp chatbot to achieve your business goals starting from marketing to sales to customer support.


Combine in-app messaging with automation to make support lightning quick and ensure gamers resolve issues on their costs.


Stay top-of-mind with your customers by sending timely incentives and abandoned cart reminders through channels such as WhatsApp.


Help users create and set up their accounts, as well as engage active and inactive users with timely notifications sent on channels.

Engage Users with Timely Messages

Continuously and effortlessly engage with prospects and existing customers by delivering back-in-stock alerts, personalized discounts, and cart abandonment reminders. With the WhatsApp chatbot, you can instantly respond to customer queries and show you care about their needs and pain points, which triggers loyalty and repeat business.

Proactive Messaging

Make Sales Seamless & Friction-free

Enable prospects to purchase hassle-free with customized product recommendations and an easier checkout process. Use upsell and cross-sell options to increase sales and derive a higher average order value (AOV) while offering an exceptional shopping experience.

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Be Available On-demand to Customers

Offer superior customer service that includes on-demand, round-the-clock support with less or no dependency on human agents. Send product order updates, delivery status, and payment reminders to keep your customers informed and offer peace of mind.

WhatsApp Support

Offer a Seamless Customer Experience

Improve quality and depth of customer-facing interactions by using GPT-powered WhatsApp chatbots.

Showcase products and services to potential buyers in visually-rich form and drive increased conversions and sales.

Stay on top of your brand messages such as number of messages sent, delivered and read to understand the effectiveness of your messages and if they are getting maximum response.

Drive more sales with the in-app payment interface that reduces friction and increases buyer willingness to complete the transaction.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

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Customer Value

"CEAT needed a creative way to meet our customer’s high expectations. Our AI-powered WhatsApp Assistant built with Sol has allowed us to give our customers more convenience and at the same time give us quality leads."

Trusted & Reliable

"Sol has been pivotal in helping us fire up our sales pipeline with an AI-powered chatbot and giving us a competitive advantage on our mission to drive exceptional customer experiences at scale"

Fast Response

"Partnering with Sol has helped us revolutionize our customer experience & brought us closer to our goal of serving & engaging with our customers in the most hassle-free safe & transparent way."