Make Digital Healthcare Accessible & Efficient

Streamline lead generation, patient onboarding, appointment scheduling, and test booking to create a more efficient customer experience.

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Drive Brand Awareness & Acquire Customers

Reach your patients directly through messaging channels such as Facebook, Google Business Messages (GBM), Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Provide relevant information to prospective patients at the right time in their search journey, and effectively capture leads.

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Make Appointment Booking Efficient

Give patients a convenient and easy-to-use option to book appointments anytime, anywhere through a chatbot on your website or on WhatsApp.

Streamline appointment rescheduling to give your patients more control, allowing them to effortlessly adjust their date and time slot.

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Provide On-demand Patient Support

Send diagnostic reports, health records, and other important updates directly to patients via WhatsApp or SMS.

Automate FAQs related to billing, account information, and insurance questions, so that agents can focus their time on more pressing matters.

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Enhance Digital Ed-Tech Experiences with Sol

Pre-built Conversation Workflows

Leverage Sol’s library of 100+ pre-built conversation workflows designed for educational institutions

Proactive Engagement

Proactively engage with students and parents for enrollment, support and course-related queries and offer instant resolution

Support for 130+ Languages

Cater to students and parents from across geographies by leveraging chatbots that support 130+ languages

Smart Agent Routing

Escalate queries that require human intervention and get your query or concern resolved quickly