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Use GPT-powered chatbots on WhatsApp & other channels to personalize the end-to-end shopping experience and improve customer engagement and sales.

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Generate High-Quality Leads

Leverage omnichannel chatbots , powered by GPT-first technology, to interact with potential customers and gain invaluable insights into their wants and needs.

Attract more users instantly when they discover your brand on social media channels, and keep them coming back for more.

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Start Selling Everywhere

With Sol, you can bring your entire product catalog to popular channels that your customers are using.

Allow potential buyers to evaluate products, read customer feedback, add items to their shopping cart and complete the payment process - all within the messaging platform.

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Offer Instant Support to Customers

Use automation to provide your customers with quick answers and eliminate the need to wait for a response.

Effectively manage and improve returns processing so as to save time and optimize costs and manpower.

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Enhance Digital Ed-Tech Experiences with Sol

Pre-built Conversation Workflows

Leverage Sol’s library of 100+ pre-built conversation workflows designed for educational institutions

Proactive Engagement

Proactively engage with students and parents for enrollment, support and course-related queries and offer instant resolution

Support for 130+ Languages

Cater to students and parents from across geographies by leveraging chatbots that support 130+ languages

Smart Agent Routing

Escalate queries that require human intervention and get your query or concern resolved quickly