Unlock Unmatched Efficiency in Customer Support with Generative AI

Leverage GPT-powered chatbots to offer 24/7 customer query resolution across channels using hybrid AI & live agent system

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Lowest Cost Per lead than Social


Conversion Rate as compaired to other.


Repeat rate on WhatsApp


Customer onboarded in 6 month

Streamline Customer Support with AI Assistant

Expedite query resolution and provide autonomy to customers with self-serve options for routine queries.

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Make Customer Support Proactive & Smart

Anticipate your customers’ pain points and reach out to inform them of service delays, product installation updates, and more.

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Customer Support that’s Scalable & Cost-effective

Rich Customer Insights

Acquire more users from the first moment they stumble upon your brand on Google, through social.

Automation at Scale

Send proactive notifications such as sale announcements, discount offers, restock alerts, pending cart.


With conversational ads, you can interact directly with customers to immediately discover and address thei.

Smart Agent Routing

Unify marketing across channels and deliver consistent omnichannel experiences on messaging apps that your.

Customer Care Solutions for every Industry

Our solutions are specific to your industry, helping achieve myriad use cases


Combine in-app messaging with automation to make support lightning quick and ensure gamers resolve issues on their costs.


Stay top-of-mind with your customers by sending timely incentives and abandoned cart reminders through channels such as WhatsApp.


Help users create and set up their accounts, as well as engage active and inactive users with timely notifications sent on channels.


Guide users along in their onboarding journey more efficiently with timely notifications and send policy renewal reminders to guarantee higher renewal rates.


Enhance user experience with appointment reminders and consultation support for patients, significantly decreasing no-show rates.

Media & Entertainment

Make your followers feel more connected to your brand by giving them a unique experience. Keep your users in the loop with updates on subscription renewals.

Customer Value

"CEAT needed a creative way to meet our customer’s high expectations. Our AI-powered WhatsApp Assistant built with Sol has allowed us to give our customers more convenience and at the same time give us quality leads."

Trusted & Reliable

"Sol has been pivotal in helping us fire up our sales pipeline with an AI-powered chatbot and giving us a competitive advantage on our mission to drive exceptional customer experiences at scale"

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"Partnering with Sol has helped us revolutionize our customer experience & brought us closer to our goal of serving & engaging with our customers in the most hassle-free safe & transparent way."