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#1 WhatsApp full stack platform to help you reach millions of customers instantly, boost conversions, and slash your acquisition costs. Send hyper-targeted & personalized campaigns to drive your customers to take action on WhatsApp.

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Get Business Done on WhatsApp with Interakt

Send notifications at scale and ensure uninterrupted delivery to retain customer engagement and boost.

Engage with your customers across geographies and never let language be a barrier between you two.

Get insights from your customer conversations and back your decisions with data - not just intuition.

Why Brands Love Using Interakt

Flexible Pricing

Unlock unlimited conversations with Interakt, now at no additional markup cost! No surprises, just straightforward value

Experience with Scale

Ensure uninterrupted delivery of millions of notifications while you focus on building hyper-personalized campaigns

Upgrade to Chatbot

Use GPT-powered features to promptly respond and engage interested users with WhatsApp conversations

Leader in WhatsApp

Stay one step ahead in the WhatsApp landscape and enjoy early access to upcoming features

Drive Engagement at Every Stage

Send personalized offers and discounts, cart abandonment reminders to win your users' attention and increase engagement.

Optimize campaign effectiveness through audience segmentation based on customer attributes and events. Deliver immersive campaigns that captivate your audience using a wide range of rich media.

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Automate Interactions with Easy Workflows

Enhance your lead generation efforts and move qualified leads down the sales funnel by activating simple workflows to reach the right audience at scale.

Boost sales and revenue with visually-rich product catalogs that help customers make informed purchase decisions directly on WhatsApp.

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Solutions for Every Industry

Industry-specific use cases designed to increase leads, transactions, and repeat purchases

Retail & eCommerce

Send personalized recommendations

Back-in-stock alerts

Cart abandonment reminders


Generate leads

Share travel itinerary

Promote complimentary


Share course updates

Automate admissions process

Cart abandonment reminders


Send transaction alerts

Account balance reminders

Loan & credit card offers

Real Estate

Book site visits

Send property brochures

Promote off-plan projects


Streamline patient onboarding

Schedule appointments

Share health report status